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What is the Egoscue Method?

The most simple definition is "Postural Therapy". A method that was created by Pete Egoscue. The process is named after Pete who developed the method of becoming pain free by treating the body as a unit. Understanding that every part of the body works together functionally and in harmony by design. When one part of the body struggles, the other parts have to "pitch in" to compensate. With this approach, understanding that the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, all work interdependent, meaning they need each other. So we cannot isolate one part as if was the only component. Egoscue treats the body as a unit rather than individual components.

The philosophy of "The Egoscue Method" views the body as a unit, an analysis of what the dysfunctions are and how the body is compensating allows us to create a client specific plan to correct, recruit and engage the muscles as a unit from head to toe and side to side or bilaterally, to perform the way it was originally designed.

         The human body was designed to run, jump, climb, dance, skip, fall and get back up. Our limitations come due to the position of the body, not the conditions. Our condition is caused by the positions we adopt, like sitting in that comfortable couch that has no support, leaning over a desk with our shoulders rounded. 

         Pain is the language of the body, when something is out of alignment, pain surfaces to alert us. Getting to the cause is our primary focus, we don't chase symptoms because they are rarely the point of origin, and rarely create lasting results. Partnering with you, a menu of exercises known as "E-Cises," is created by observing how the load joints of the body are aligned and then teaching you, how you can take the control back to do the activities or events that you enjoy.

       Contact us for a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation, to better understand how becoming Pain-Free and having a life absent of limitations, is within your grasp and lasting for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

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